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Boosting Curb Appeal With Front Double Doors: Tips And Best Practices

There is a lot more to front double doors than just opening them up for your guests. The act of opening and closing the door with the door handle can change the appearance of your home. Closing and opening the door immediately draws the eye from the front of your home towards where you are standing. This is possible because of how it feels when you engage both sides at once.
Front double doors are a great way to boost the curb appeal of your home. They can be used in many different settings from traditional homes to modern condos and apartments. They provide a sense of grandeur that can only be accomplished by having two large doors instead of one.

6 Tips For Choosing Front Double Doors

Consider The Architectural Style Of Your Home

The first thing you should consider when choosing front double doors is the style of your home. When deciding between single, double, or even triple-width doors, it’s important to take into account the architectural features of your home. For example, if your house was built in a more traditional style and has very little ornamentation, then using a single door might be better suited for its appearance.

Select The Appropriate Size

The second thing to consider when choosing front double doors is the size. The best way to select the appropriate size for your home is by taking into account the width of your entryway and what doors have been used in past projects. For example, if you have a very narrow entranceway, then using two small doors might be best for your home. On the other hand, if you want a large opening that allows plenty of light from outside.

Choose The Right Material

You should also consider the type of material that you want to use for your front double doors. Doors come in many different styles and materials, including wood, metal, fiberglass, and even glass. Each material has its own unique characteristics that will affect the appearance of your home. For example, if you have a modern-style home with minimal ornamentation, then choosing a door made from wood may not be the best choice since it can give off an old-fashioned appearance.

Determine The Level Of Privacy You Want

Front double doors are available in a variety of styles, including traditional and contemporary. This can make it difficult to choose the right door for your home. For example, if you have young children, then you may want sliding doors that have panels that can be opened up so they can see outside while they play on their own. If this is not something that you need, then you should consider choosing a solid wood door instead since these tend to provide more privacy than other types of doors.

Match The Color To Your Home's Exterior

The color of your front door can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your home. For example, if you have a white house, then it is best to choose a white door so that it fits in with the rest of your exterior. This will also help prevent dirt and grime from showing up on your door over time since these are less likely to show up against a lighter colored surface.

Consider Adding Decorative Glass Or Hardware

Decorative glass can be a great way to add character to your front door. For example, you could choose a stained glass window or an etched glass panel that is designed to look like something other than the traditional rectangular pane of glass. Hardware is another important consideration since this will help ensure that your door opens and closes properly.

Best Practices For Installing Front Double Doors

When installing double front doors, it’s important to use the right materials and techniques. Here are some best practices for installing double front doors:

Best Practices For Installing Front Double Doors

When installing double front doors, it’s important to use the right materials and techniques. Here are some best practices for installing double front doors:

Hire A Professional For The Installation

If you’re not experienced in installing double doors, it’s best to hire a professional. A skilled carpenter can ensure that your installation is done right, and they can also help you choose the best materials for your project. In addition, they should be able to install the doors more quickly than if you did it yourself.

Make Sure The Doors Are Level And Secure

It’s important to make sure that your doors are level and secure before you start installing them. Check the height of both doors, as well as their width. If necessary, adjust the position of the hinges on one or more doors until they are even with each other. Once everything is level and secure, mark where the holes need to be drilled for attaching hardware such as locksets and deadbolts.

Use A Quality Lock For Security

A lock is the most important part of your door. It’s a security measure that helps protect you from intruders, but it can also be used to secure your home from natural disasters. When selecting a lock for your door, look for one that’s made of high-quality materials such as brass and stainless steel.

Ensure The Doors Are Up To Code

The most important thing to consider when installing doors is whether they meet fire codes. This will ensure that you have access to a safe means of escape in case of an emergency. If you’re unsure whether your doors are up to code, consult with a professional in your area who can help guide you through the process.


Enhancing curb appeal, whether in the front or back of the home, is an excellent way to increase the property's value, attract more buyers, and make the home look more appealing. Front double doors are an ideal enhancement for both new homes or those in need of improvements. They create a grand entrance, visually expand the space, and they can be customized to fit your personal taste. Follow these tips and best practices when considering front double doors as an option for your project, as well as discover other design possibilities on this website.