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Reasons to Choose a Sidelight Entry Door

Are you thinking about getting a new door for your house and not sure which one to choose? If so, the answer is an entry door with sidelights.

Sidelights are small windows that can be put on either side of an entry door. They face vertically and can be installed on either side. Depending on how the door is made, the glass can go all the way up the door or only part of the way up. Sidelights are usually made with the same style, finish, and material as the door. This makes the door and sidelights look like they belong together. But why should you keep them in mind?

Using less energy

One of the things that homeowners worry about most about sidelights is how they will affect their home's energy efficiency. The answer is simple: it depends on what kind of glass you use. Single-pane glass, which is often used in older windows, lets heat pass through it because it is naturally conductive. Depending on the season, this can cause heat to escape or enter your home, which can raise your heating and cooling bills.

Add to the curb appeal

Sidelights have a big effect on how a room looks. By adding sidelights to your home, you can make your front door look more elegant and give your home's curb appeal an instant boost. Sidelights can make your front entry hall brighter on the inside. Sidelights can make a big difference if you've always used electricity to light this part of your home.

Increase natural light

Adding sidelights to a door is important if you want to let in more natural light. Natural light makes a room feel warmer and more beautiful. It also makes it feel bigger. This is especially true in a foyer, which is a natural place for people to gather.

Offers better views

Installed by the front door, they can let you know when guests arrive and help you keep an eye out for the delivery person. But sidelights don't just have to be on front doors. They can also be built into patio doors so you can get the most out of your lovely backyard landscaping.


Sidelights are easy to change, and you can buy them with a new door or add them to one you already have. Sidelights can be bought by themselves, in groups, or along with a transom. All of these options are both classic and modern, and you can find them in both traditional and modern homes.

If you want to replace your sidelights or add new ones, you might want to think about sidelights that open to let in more fresh air. Sidelights that work can be opened all the way to let in fresh air, but they are narrow enough to keep thieves out. A traditional peephole is hard to see through, which can make it hard to tell who is at the door. But if you have sidelights, all you have to do is lean to the side to see who is at the door.

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