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Creating A Bold Entrance: Double Entry Doors With Sidelights

In the world of home design, first impressions are everything. The entrance to your home sets the tone for the entire house, reflecting your style and personality before a guest ever steps inside. That's where the grandeur of double entry doors with sidelights comes in, offering not just an entryway but a statement—a bold declaration of style and elegance. DoorDestination, as one of Southern California's leading wood door distributors, understands the transformative power of a beautifully designed entrance and offers an array of double entry doors with sidelights to make your home stand out.

Introduction To Double Entry Doors

Double entry doors serve as the focal point of your home's exterior, instantly elevating curb appeal and making a grand statement. These doors are not just functional elements; they are architectural features that add value and character to your home. With the addition of sidelights, double entry doors transform from mere entryways into sources of natural light and aesthetic beauty, inviting guests in with warmth and elegance.

Benefits of Double Entry Doors With Sidelights

Increased Natural Light: Sidelights are narrow windows that flank either one or both sides of your double entry doors. They allow natural light to flood into your entryway, brightening up the space and making it feel more welcoming and spacious.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Double entry doors with sidelights offer a unique opportunity to enhance your home's architectural style. Whether you prefer a modern, sleek look or a more traditional, ornate design, the combination of doors and sidelights can be tailored to complement your home’s exterior perfectly.

Added Security: Contrary to what some might think, adding sidelights to your entryway doesn't mean compromising on security. Modern sidelights are designed with safety in mind, featuring reinforced glass and secure framing to protect your home.

Design Options

In the quest for the perfect entryway, homeowners often seek a blend of durability, style, and versatility. DoorDestination, renowned for its exquisite collection of doors, offers a variety of options that cater to these desires. Among its most popular selections, the Parisian Double Door, Belleville Fiberglass Iron Glass Double Door, and Echo Double Door stand out for their unique design elements and practical features. These doors not only serve as functional entryways but also as artistic statements that enhance the curb appeal of any residence.

Parisian Double Door

The Parisian Double Door, a gem in the French collection, captures the essence of Paris's romantic and architectural beauty. Crafted from Mahogany and featuring triple-glazed glass, this door is designed to evoke memories of the City of Lights. Its versatility shines through its availability in both single and double door configurations, with or without sidelights, making it a fitting choice for various home styles. The Parisian Double Door's elegant design and robust construction make it a timeless addition to any entryway, promising to bring a touch of Parisian charm to your home.

Belleville Fiberglass Iron Glass Double Door

The Belleville Fiberglass Iron Glass Double Door is inspired by the quaint yet renowned neighborhood in Paris, known for its welcoming wooden doors set against classic stone French homes. This door combines the timeless appeal of wood with the durability and low maintenance of fiberglass, making it an ideal choice for homeowners facing extreme weather conditions. Whether it's scorching desert heat or the challenges of a second home left unattended in the off-season, the Belleville door stands resilient, offering the appearance of a traditional wood entry with the practical benefits of modern materials.

Echo Double Door

The Echo Double Door marks a contemporary turn in BGW's design philosophy, introduced in 2020 as the first addition to its Contemporary Collection. Crafted from Mahogany and finished in dark Walnut, this door allows the natural beauty of the wood grain to take center stage. The energy-efficient frosted glass panels strike the perfect balance between allowing natural light into the foyer and maintaining privacy. The Echo Double Door is a testament to modern design principles, offering sleek lines and a minimalist aesthetic that complements the modern home.

Why Choose DoorDestination Doors?

DoorDestination doors are not just entryways but integral components of a home's facade that reflect personal style and architectural preference. By choosing from Door Destination's popular door options, homeowners can enjoy:

  • Durability and Longevity: With materials like Mahogany and fiberglass, these doors are built to withstand the elements and stand the test of time.
  • Versatility in Design: Whether your home is classically charming or modern and minimalist, DoorDestination has a door to complement your aesthetic.
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: A beautiful door is a statement piece that elevates the overall look of your home, making a great first impression on guests and passersby.
  • Increased Property Value: Quality doors not only enhance the appearance of your home but can also contribute to its market value, making them a wise investment.

Installation Process

Installing double-entry doors with sidelights requires precision and expertise. The process includes measuring your entryway to ensure a perfect fit, removing the existing door and frame, and then installing the new set securely. It's crucial to consider the size of your entryway and the surrounding architecture to choose a door and sidelight combination that enhances your home's facade. Door Destination’s team of professionals can guide you through the process, ensuring that your new doors are not only beautiful but also properly installed for security and durability.


Double-entry doors with sidelights are more than just an entrance to your home; they are an investment in your home’s aesthetic appeal and overall value. With the right design, these doors can transform the look of your home, creating a welcoming and impressive entrance that speaks to your style. DoorDestination, with its extensive selection of high-quality doors designed in-house and direct shipping to your home, is your go-to destination for creating that bold entrance you've always dreamed of.

Embrace the opportunity to make a statement with your home’s entrance. Explore the possibilities that double entry doors with sidelights offer and discover how they can elevate your home’s curb appeal, bring in natural light, and enhance security. With DoorDestination, creating a bold and beautiful entrance has never been easier. Transform the entrance to your home into a grand statement that welcomes guests with style and elegance.