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Advantages of Installing A Front Door With A Single Sidelight

Do you want to add something to increase the aesthetic value of your home entrance? Why not install sidelights on your front door?

Sidelights can be installed on any one or both sides of your entrance; they are designed to allow natural light to flow into your home. But, if you plan on installing sidelights on both sides, they can take up quite a chunk of your door’s width! That’s not something that you would want if you are not keen to take the attention away from your door.

What are some advantages of installing a front door with one sidelight?

  • Increased appeal: One of the strongest reasons to install a sidelight is to give your home an extra accessory that can up the aesthetics. According to experts, skylights are not simply for adding glamor to your home but also for bringing in more sun and offering a feeling of open space.
  • Security: When you install a single sidelight, it helps you see who is ringing the doorbell instead of having to peek through the keyhole every time. And if you have furry companions, you can be sure they will be hogging the space in front of the sidelight for hours!
  • Enhance curb appeal: When seen from the curb, sidelights can add width to regular doors. So, they are both functional and aesthetic. Many door installation companies will suggest installing sidelights to enhance the overall look of your home, especially the frontage. You can perhaps increase its resale value with a minor accessory like a sidelight, without having to break the bank!
  • Privacy: You can use these to check for mail delivery and visitors and it’s even possible to have these installed with frosted, textured, or stained glasses to protect your privacy.
  • Energy-efficiency: Sidelights are similar to windows and can reduce energy consumption by offering natural light for the interiors. Traditional sidelights fitted with single-pane glasses can be conductive; drafts gather around these during the heating months. It may be a wise decision to buy insulated sidelights which can cut down the HVAC system load and keep you cozy and comfortable even in harsh winters.
  • Better ventilation: If you wish to let in more fresh air into the house, a sidelight can be an excellent option. Home decor experts suggest screen doors for the same purpose but these are not recommended when you want to flaunt a historic or handcrafted front door. You don’t want the sidelight drawing attention away from it or covering it up! So, a single sidelight is a far better choice when you don’t want to compromise on the aesthetic quality.
  • Spaciousness: When more natural light flows into the rooms, it makes them look bigger and brighter. Sidelights will do this for you; it brings in natural sunlight that keeps the house warm and makes it look more spacious.
  • Customizability: Did you know that you could even change sidelights from time to time? You can always buy a new one with a door or add these to an existing door. You will get to choose from a variety of contemporary and traditional styles.

Look at these advantages and you won't regret your decision to install sidelights for your new home. At times, simple addition to the exteriors can make a world of difference to the overall look and feel of a house!