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How To Choose a Single Front Door

The front door of a house is one of its most important features. It is not only the entrance to your personal space and one of the defining features of your exterior curb appeal; it is also a critical structural detail that must be strong enough to withstand outdoor elements such as heat, wind, and ice. When choosing a single front door, it's important to think about both how it looks and how it works. You should also know the different sizes of front doors and how to choose the right fit.

To help you, we've put together this quick guide to help with the various factors to consider as you search for the perfect front door.

Considerations for Purchasing a Front Door Size

If your entryway space is not larger than a standard size door, it may necessitate not only the door but also another element such as a sidelight, or it may necessitate a single door. The size of the door will affect the price, which is something else you should think about when buying a front door.


The front door and entryway to your home are some of the first impressions that family and visitors will notice, not to mention passers-by on the street. It is entirely up to you whether you prefer a door with glass panels or a solid door with no windows at all. If the dimensions are available, you could go with an elegant double entry door with sidelights or a single entry door with one sidelight.


Because this is the entrance to your home, a front door should be strong and secure, as well as able to withstand whatever weather your area experiences. Some doors require less maintenance than others, such as being fade-resistant or having high resistance to dents and scratches.

Single Front Door Materials and Designs

When it comes to the style of your front door, particularly color and window placement, you have a plethora of options. However, these style options fall into one of three categories of front doors:

Single Solid Wood Front Door

Wood doors are the most expensive option, but they are also the most classic and durable. But don't confuse sturdiness with durability—wood doors are prone to warping due to humidity or cold, and they'll also need routine maintenance to keep their appearance.

Fiberglass Single Front Door

Fiberglass doors are becoming increasingly popular because they are less expensive and more durable than wood doors while also offering a wide range of aesthetic options (including the ability to be stained for a wood-like appearance). Another advantage of fiberglass front doors is that their inner layer of insulation foam helps to keep heat or cool air in your home, depending on the season.

Front Steel Doors

Steel front doors are similar to their more secure counterparts, fiberglass, in that they are also versatile in terms of design but even more durable. They can also incorporate a wood-grain finish. Steel doors are the safest way to get in and out of a building. They also have a layer of insulation to save energy, but they rust easily.

Where to Buy

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