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Single Panel Door-is It Right For Your Home?

When you are building a house or moving into a new home, selecting the right door type can be a difficult decision. It's important that the entrance to your home looks inviting, classy, and in sync with the architecture of the rest of the home.

Now the question arises, should you opt for double glass doors, single panel doors, single doors with sidelights, fiberglass doors, or wooden doors?

The choices are far too many for the homeowner and it’s probably best to take time out to research the different options available to you. 

You want the door to feel and look just right; it cannot appear too striking or too subtle. You don’t want it to take the attention away from the rest of the house, and yet, you don’t want it to be so boring and simple that it doesn't look welcoming enough! 

Why single panel doors can be a great option for your home:

Why not go for a single panel door? Are you worried it won’t be right for your home? 

A single panel door, as the name suggests, comprises two vertical panels. These are called “stiles” and are attached to a single horizontal rail on both ends having the same thickness. A single panel glass door, for instance, offers easy access to the views outside and invites sunlight. Unlike wooden paneled doors, this is made using solid glass panels attached to two rails and two stiles.

Here’s how you can make a decision quickly:

  • Panel doors are always durable and long-lasting; that's probably why most people choose this type for the front door. The materials can withstand harsh weather conditions and everyday use. It's rare for them to show cracks or dents.
  • Single panel doors are easy to maintain. They can be installed without much difficulty, even if you cannot get professionals to do it for you. You can use either polish or paint to finish the door to make it weatherproof.
  • The overall look of a single panel door is elegant and classy; you will find these are available in different materials like fiberglass, wood, glass, and steel. They can be made to complement any architectural requirement and design.
  • Single panel doors are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. If you get one with glass it will bring in more light inside the house, offering a feel of open space.

Panel doors are typically made using glass or wood which have many panels. Each of these is supposed to fit together with the other to create a finished product. For example, a six-panel door will have six inset squares or rectangles which can be recessed or raised in the doors. Some doors can even have a single panel; you will find homeowners prefer these for their entrance. 

In case you want a heavy door to keep the noise off, you can even consider installing panel doors inside the house. For instance, soundproof doors are perfect for the bedroom or home theater.

Whatever you choose to install, whether it's a single-paneled or multiple-paneled door, remember to check out its features first. Always buy from a reputed door distributor that can advise you rightly about the best door for your home needs.