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Why Are Solid Wood Doors Ideal For Home Interiors?

When installing new or replacing doors in homes, solid wood doors have a number of advantages that should not be overlooked. While solid wood doors are generally more expensive, some people believe that the cost is reasonable when weighed against the benefits. You can find a variety of designs for people who prefer this style of door, and they can also order custom doors upon request.

Aesthetic Value

Some people place a high value on appearance. Solid wood interior doors have a more substantial appearance than hollow core or engineered doors, which can be an appealing feature. The doors will also keep looking nice for a long time because they are very strong. As a result, unlike the alternatives, a solid wood door can withstand years of heavy service.

Energy Efficient

These doors also make sense in terms of energy efficiency. They provide significantly more insulation, keeping rooms cool or hot as needed, especially when the door is properly framed. Solid wood also significantly reduces traveling sound, which is a major issue in many households. Noise will not travel as easily through the wood, keeping the house quiet and allowing people to engage in a variety of activities without upsetting each other; for example, the grandmother can sleep in the guest room while the children play. These doors can also be used for privacy in places like law offices and medical clinics.

Strong and durable

Burglars have more difficulty with solid doors, which is why they should be used for all doors that connect to the outside. If solid wood interior doors are locked to prevent access to rooms such as an office, they can also slow a burglar's progress through a house. Solid wood is also more fire resistant than engineered wood or hollow core doors, though these doors will eventually burn.

Extraordinary Strength

Another advantage of solid wood interior doors is their strength. These doors should not crack or chip over time, nor will they be dented or perforated by carelessly moved furniture or other household accidents. A solid interior door, especially when paired with a good set of hinges, will withstand even the most rigorous use. There is also a variety of woods to choose from, allowing people to select woods that complement their interior design scheme as well as the overall look and feel of the home.

Types of Wood Used in the Making of Solid Wood Doors

There are various woods that are suitable for solid wood door construction. The most popular species for solid wood doors worldwide are oak, maple, cherry, alder, mahogany, and others.

Designers and carpenters are particularly fond of two of the aforementioned species. Mahogany's fine grain texture blends well with both contemporary jazzed-up designs and vintage structures. They are extremely durable and thus in high demand for solid wood doors. Oak, on the other hand, is resistant to both shock and water. It is also available in red and white, giving the user more options for embellishing the doors with design variations.

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