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The M8P is new for 2024 and is BGW's new addition to its Contemporary Collection. Crafted in Mahogany with a dark Walnut finish allows the rich grain to shine through.  There is frosted glass in the M8P which allows for ultimate privacy.  With a single bore this allows for a sleek look accompanied by stainless steel door pulls. 

***Some products are designed to be used specifically with either the right or left hand. To determine the correct orientation, stand on the exterior side of your door and look at it. The side on which the door hinges are located indicates whether it is a righthanded or lefthanded product.***

Please note this door is available for pre-sale and will be delivered in approximately 8 weeks.  

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* African Mahogany

* Stainless steel door pulls

* Wood T-astragal finished to match

* Included: jamb, casing, and molding


Total Dimensions:


61 1/4" x 81" x 5 1/4"

73 1/4" x 81" x 5 1/4"

61 1/4" x 97" x 5 1/4"

73 1/4" x 97" x 5 1/4" 


Prehung doors will ship "knocked down" to prevent damage and ease handling at time of delivery. All doors have been machined. A knocked down pre-hung door can be assembled in 10-15 minutes. Please note, handles sold separately.