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How Front Door With Sidelights Brightens Up Your Home

Don’t believe anyone who says that without spending a fortune you cannot make your home look brighter and more spacious. While not everyone has the luxury of affording a sprawling mansion, there are simple design tricks that can add a feeling of space to our homes. One such trick is to introduce a front door with sidelights.

Getting natural light is one of the biggest criteria for buyers looking for a new home. When you don’t get enough light into your home, it impacts not only the interiors but also affects your emotional well-being. A house with an abundance of natural light and free-flowing sunlight is hard to come by. But, if you can add sidelites or sidelights to the entry door, much of this problem can be solved.

How can a front door having sidelights make your home look bigger and brighter?

Sidelights are long, rectangular-shaped glasses that are attached to front doors. These look grand and play a key role in improving natural lighting inside homes. This is why architects recommend installing an entry door with sidelights on either side. 

  • Natural light: When you have such a cheerful entry to your house, it creates a great connection between the residents and the outdoors. Light flows into the entry and foyer areas seamlessly, making your entire house look more spacious than it is. Whether you choose to have a traditional-looking solid wooden door or a double steel door having sidelights, it completely transforms the overall look of the house. Cramped quarters start to look bigger and the dim corridors glow up. The house looks warmer and more inviting than before with the simple addition of sidelights.
  • Resilient tempered glasses: Sidelights are typically crafted using tempered glass, although you will find stained glass and decorative glass is used as well. While the idea of using glass for your entry door may seem unwise, in terms of security and longevity, the truth is glass is far more resilient to different types of weather conditions. It can withstand wear and tear better because tempered glass is much tougher than ordinary glass. It is heat-resistant and can maintain an optimal temperature for your foyer area. This type of glass is treated to withstand scratches and breakage; so, you don't have to worry about damage when force is applied. Besides, tempered glass is available in different designs and textures like beveled or stained glass, adding more class and elegance to your entrance.
  • View of nature: When your entry door has sidelights, you get a peek into the outside from inside your home. A view of the lawn or even the street outside can be most rejuvenating and keeps you feeling happy, positive, and satisfied. This is perfect for someone working at home or a home with small square footage. Instead of peeking through tiny peepholes to see who is at your door, you can see clearly through the sidelights. 
  • Curb Appeal: Tall window panes on your entry door can be a good way of boosting the value of your property. Not only do these lengthy panes add texture to an otherwise ordinary-looking entrance but also draw attention to the craftsmanship of door panels and create a stunning effect when the door is made from bold materials like cherry or mahogany.

If you consider all the advantages of having an entry door with sidelights, you will feel tempted to choose one for your new home.